Nancy Wood  -   Sample of Work 
This page contains links to eLearning designs in various portfolios.


Background and Theoretical Approach

When designing a class assignment or a complete course I follow the Dick, Carey and Carey Systematic Design of Instruction method, Jonassen’s theory of Task Analysis for instructional design and Piaget’s (and Vygotsky’s) constructivist theories of learning.  I look forward to integrating QM standards into future online courses.
For developing visual and multimedia learning materials I apply Mayer’s Multimedia Learning Theories and Sweller’s Cognitive Load theory to ensure that visuals enhance learning and do not distract from it.

eLearning Projects Developed for COEHD

In 2019-2020 I developed and gave workshops for COEHD faculty and students following Mayer’s Multimedia Learning theory while integrating the National Education Association’s current “4 C’s” (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity) recommendations.

Here are some examples of my workshop presentations presented and planned for Summer 2020.  Attendees received 1 CPE hour for attending each webinar. The complete list of my workshops is on this document.

Here is a Playlist of instructional videos I created for COEHD faculty in March 2020 to help with their work-from-home transition.

I developed this outline for a new technology course to be added the  ILT curriculum with assistance from Dr. Vittorio Marone and graduate student Robin Nelson.

I developed this COEHD Digital Resources website in Wix as a place to store resources to share with COEHD faculty.

Video of My Current EDP 5033 class in Blackboard

Other eLearning Projects

I developed this interactive eLearning piece Emphasis in Instructional Media as practice when I was learning Articulate Storyline. It is based on Mayer’s Multimedia Learning Theory and Wertheimer’s Gestalt theory of visual perception.

I developed this Online Tutorial on Principles of Design when I was learning to use using Articulate Rise. It contains portions of a tutorial I developed to support learners’ understanding of the Feldman method of Art Criticism. Much of it is based on Wertheimer’s Gestalt theory of visual perception.

The following are workshops I gave for faculty development at other colleges where I was employed and/or at conferences:

The relationships of media type, task structure, learner engagement with media and critical thinking based on Sweller’s Cognitive Load theory and Mayer’s Multimedia Learning Theory

 Task Analysis based on Jonassen, D.H.; Hannum, W.H.; & Tessmer, M. (1989) Handbook of task analysis procedures. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers; and on the Dick, Carey and Carey Systematic Design of Instruction.

Motivating Adult Learners based on Keller’s ARCS theory and Bandura’s Self-Efficacy theory

Spiro’s Cognitive Flexibility Theory


My article Virtual Learning Worlds in Second Life, based on Jacobson’s Presence theory and Mayer’s Multimedia Learning theory was published in the International Visual Learning Association journal.

This link will take you to eLearning Designs I developed during 2004-2016 for faculty and students in fully online college graphic design courses. I followed Mayer’s Multimedia Learning Theory and Wertheimer’s Gestalt theory of visual perception in developing these.